The Africa Caravan Peace Tour 2012; Welcome Archbishop Leonardo Marin Saavedra

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Peace Africa Project & Education Project

Peace Africa Project & Education Project.



The Most Reverend LEONARDO MARIN SAAVEDRA, Primate Archbishop of IAL, President of The Global Education Connection of Canada and Canada Representative of Red Mundial de Escritores will be visiting Uganda and 11 other African countries this September 2012."The Archbishop Leonardo's company has decided to sponsor all communications and transportation made within the African countries to visit.Click Here To Read More..


I Have invited Him and As Part of Arrangements for His Coming I would Like Men and Women to Volunteer or be Part of this Arrangement. Contact us on Uganda+256702137566. or Canada + 16478876493., or - Also visit our website - Remember His Focus/lectures is on world peace , food, help and support .

Free education for all without seeking political affiliation or religious beliefs. All free to love and serve. All free for preduccion of love. All free to make the world stop all war and achieve peace. No more weapons. No more wars. No more murders. All to defend the planet. All to defend the land. All humans seek a balance for equality and service. All with discipline and freedom A Word from Archbp Leonardo